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RSS by Email

Get your favorite RSS / XML feeds sent to your email address - when you want them!


  • Choose the days and times you want updates
  • Formatted RSS/XML feed is sent to you as an email message.
  • Now works for atom xml feeds!
  • Click to full articles right from the message.
  • Get only new articles (or all of them if you prefer).
  • No additional software required
  • FREE signup!
  • See a demonstration - Click here!


Your personal information will never be sold or redistributed to anyone. We collect a minimum of information (your email address, and name), so as to protect your privacy to the fullest extent.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a method to publish content that changes frequently, such as news, blogs, forums, auctions, classifieds, etc. By subscribing to a feed, you can get updated content without having to revisit the website. Quickthreads allows you to request feed content to be sent to your email account, making it a breeze to follow your favorite sites. Try the demo now.


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